When you dream. Dream Big.

Small really isn't in our vocabulary at Allan Kitchen Gallery.  Unless, of course, you are talking about our clients' projects.  Then, even the tiniest details are a BIG deal to us.  Focused on creating beautiful, livable spaces and top notch at translating your wishlist into a dream come true, our team makes your room an amazing reflection of you. 



With an unwavering commitment to meeting the highest standards of our trade and a knack for making even the most challenging of dreams come true, every project gets VIP attention - from the first hello to the final walkthrough. It's how we've built our business one cabinet at a time over the past 30 years here in the Boston area and it's what we pledge to each of our customers whether it's a major kitchen remodel or a single replacement faucet.  Let's get started on your dream.

We look forward to meeting you!

- Don and Ellen